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General information about Jamaica:


The natural JamaicaBest travelling (high season): December – April (80 - 90° Fahrenheit)

Low season from Mai - October (90 - 96° Fahrenheit)

In the rainy season from May throughout October, the climate is humid and tropical. It is recommended to apply mosquito protection.

No vaccinations necessary. Jamaica is an ideal destination for families.

Entry requirements:
A valid passport and a return-ticket are needed to get a tourist-visa at the airport.

Temperature in Jamaica:
The average temperature in Jamaica is 82 ° F and remains consistent throughout the year.

Jamaica: Experience the REAL JAMAICA

Jamaica is the thirdlargest island in the caribbean sea
Capital: Kingston
Language(s): English, Patois

Size: 4,400 square miles

Population: 2 million
Jamaica is part of the British Commonwealth.

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Jamaica map: Bungalow Jah Hills Cottage, Lambsriver Detailed roadmap to
Jamaica´s Jah Hills Cottage

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